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Welcome to the Children's Literature Assembly (CLA), a professional community of children's literature enthusiasts. CLA is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English and welcomes all points of view and levels of experience in the field of children's literature. The members of CLA are dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  • To provide a forum for exchange among teachers of children's literature who share keen interest in children and classrooms;
  • To promote children's literature as a field of learning, research, and classroom application;
  • To undertake and disseminate programs and projects of special interest to those interested in children's literature;
  • To work cooperatively with other organizations devoted to the promotion of literature in children's lives;

To achieve these goals, members of the Children's Literature Assembly engage in several activities through a variety of venues. We publish the refereed Journal of Children's Literature two times a year which contains articles by noted authors, profiles of authors and illustrators, research updates, and reviews of children's and professional books to broaden your knowledge about children's literature.

We invite you to explore our website, which offers further information about our organization and activities. Be sure to check out the links to various photographs of our events! If you are not yet a member of CLA, please visit the Membership page to become part of our community. We encourage you to become an active part of our group by indicating your interests on the membership form or via email. Also, please visit us on Facebook.